How to Tell the Difference between Silver and Stainless Steel?

how to tell the difference between silver and stainless steel
Mother’s day is a special occasion. It’s coming soon, allowing you to delight your mum. How will you show affection to your special lady? Beautiful flowers, tasty cakes or chocolates are essential. What about a more valuable gift? You are to choose it with care. How to tell the difference between silver and stainless steel? When you are fixing to present a beautiful necklace or bracelet to your mother, it’s a big decision. Knowing her preferences and style, it’s easy to personalize these decorative items. But they are to be skin-friendly, durable and functional. Certain use and investment value might be also desirable. Anyway, you are to make an informed choice. Do you wonder how to recognize the metals? Keep reading the articles to find out more about it.

What is the Best Mother’s Day Gift?

Traditions let you honor your mum or granny. How can you do it? Being a child, you could serve her breakfast to bed. Flowers and delicious sweets let you show your cherished lady how special she is. Quite naturally, attention is indispensable.

Will you be able to visit your mother this year? In Georgia, ease of pandemic restrictions allows it. Now, you can arrange a large family gathering or take your mum out to dinner. Maintaining social distancing, you may sit and eat in a restaurant.

A great memorable gift is a must. Does your cherished mum know what is the best way to store silver jewelry? Even if she is a savvy woman of fashion, a new ring or bracelet would be on target. Silver and stainless steel items are common solutions. Both of them come with:

  • special, lustrous shine;
  • non-comparable satin polish;
  • attractive style and look;
  • special hygienic properties.

But jewelry accessories of your choice are to be kind to her sensitive skin. They should be memorable, valuable and stylish.

best way to store silver jewelry

Is Silver Stronger than Steel?

If your mum is a stylish lady, she might love bijouterie. Noble metals and precious stones should be available in her fashionable collection. She might prefer silver. This metal is soft, hypoallergenic and not too expensive. If you are to wear it all day long, it’s lit!

Which is better sterling silver or silver plated ring? As a gift, you would prefer more expensive jewelry. Durable and shining, it’s worth your mother’s attention. Pure silver stands out by darker color. Meanwhile, it’s more lightweight than silver-plated jewelry. It’s also a bit denser than stainless steel.

PropertiesStainless Steel (316)Pure Silver
Density, g/cm3 7.98 10.49
Malleability less prone to deforming bendable
Tensile Strength, MPa 515 110
Hardness durable soft
Oxidation corrosion-resistant tarnishing
Melting Point, °F 2,500-2,5501,750-1,770

How long does gold-plated sterling silver last? Its outer layer may tarnish and wear out in a brick. SS jewelry is strong and eco-friendly. It lasts long, being suitable for daily wear.

Why is Stainless Steel Jewelry So Expensive?

Quite naturally, special events require valuable gifts. Jewelry, consisting of precious metal is a lit bounty. Silver accessories are versatile and sophisticated. With due care and maintenance, it’s virtually timeless. Additionally, it can act as a powerful antimicrobial agent.

Silver bracelets and necklaces suit special occasions and formal events. Neutral by color, they fit any dress or official outfit. What about stainless steel? Hard-working business ladies may prefer jewelry of this kind, as it’s:

  • hard;
  • durable;
  • low-maintenance;
  • rust-proof;
  • scratch-resistant.

Can you shower with stainless steel jewelry? Top-quality accessories withstand moisture and water exposure. They don’t tarnish, rust or discolor. Unique stainless steel properties are beneficial. Thanks to them, these items are safe to use and scratch-resistant.

Of course, SS jewelry is more affordable than silver. You can wear these accessories daily without any worries. Its polished surface always remains clean. So, it’s completely safe to wear, hygienic and hypoallergenic. It’s strong and non-bendable. So, you can clean your ring or pendant ornament with a damp cloth. Both mild liquid soap and toothpaste do the job.

How Can You Tell if Jewelry is Stainless Steel?

Silver accessories are more delicate in use. They benefit your health, preventing cold and flu illnesses. Meanwhile, sterling silver may bend, losing its original shape. In a couple of years, its surface might also tarnish, becoming darker. So, it requires delicate care and regular cleaning.

stainless steel jewelry vs sterling silver

Anyway, you are to differentiate metals. Commonly, polished, brand-new silver jewelry shines brighter than SS accessories. You can recognize it by:

  1. Maker’s hallmark.
  2. Bell-like sound.
  3. Absence of smell.
  4. Malleability.

Run magnetic or ice test to differentiate false products. Will a magnet stick to stainless steel? It would cling to its surface. Ferrous nature of the metal would cause attraction. Silver is non-ferrous, so nothing happens. Noble metal is fast to transfer heat. Contacting its surface, ice would melt immediately.

Fixing to buy a silver ring, try to wipe it with a soft cloth. It should have black marks due to reaction with oxygen. If you force your jewelry, it would bend a bit. Additionally, antique silver items would show some signs of wear. Chips or scratches are probable.

Video Review: Stainless Steel vs Sterling Silver Jewelry

Bottom Line

Many options and designs of jewelry are available on sale nowadays. Multiple sterling silver and stainless steel accessories are at your disposal. Which ones do you prefer? Both of them are safe, shining and hypoallergenic. It depends on the application. Expensive precious metals suit special occasions. They are elegant and sophisticated. These items are expensive, but great family holidays, like Mother’s Day, are worth it. Stainless steel options are also lit. They look virtually the same beautiful as silver. However, they are durable and low-maintenance. So, think carefully and make your choice. Mother’s Day is round the corner.

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